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Making Money on the Internet.

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adamaris lopez y luis fonsi sacheen littlefeather nude picssacheen littlefeather A question I hear a lot is "How do I make money on the Internet?"

Everyone these days receives mail with the subject line "MAKE A FORTUNE ON THE NET", or "

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". Get rich schemes are nothing new they've been around for years, but the Internet has given these scam artists an easier platform to spread their lies to millions of Web surfers, quickly and easily.

So with all of the overbloated, outlandish schemes going around, how do you really make an honest buck on the Net?

There are three routes you can take:

1) Sell your own Product
2) Sell a Service
3) Sell someone else's products and services thru Affiliate Program's.

If you don't have a product, the first choice is not for you. Selling your services to the public is an option if you can find a need and fill it. For example everyone who has a Website needs to promote it. If you learn everything you can, and purchase promotion software, you can perform this valuable service to clients who need it. Perhaps you're a writer, many companies need to offer a newsletter but don't have the time or staff to write it. You could set up such a service and offer "newsletter writing services" to those in need.If you think long and hard about your talents, you're bound to come up with a service you can market on the Net.

The last idea is to resell other peoples services or products, also knows as participating in

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actor adam shulman Affiliate Programs. This usually involves finding a product or service you want to resell, filling out an application with your personal information, then waiting for approval instructions by email which will include special coded links for your use in promotion. When anyone clicks on this link and makes a purchase your account gets credited for a percentage of the sale or a flat fee that was agreed upon when you signed up.

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Making money on the Net's not hard, but you do have to put in some time and effort. Like all things in life nothing comes easy and that includes this wonderful new technology we all call "The Internet".

I joined an Affiliate program called Strong Future International (SFI).  
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Whatever your goals may be, may you succeed in reaching them.

Debbie Summerhayes



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